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The project Buy Smart+ was completed in September 2014. For up-to-date information please visit the website of the new project Green ProcA.Green Public Procurement in Action.


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About Labels

The EU developed two complementary ways of reducing the energy consumed by products: Labelling to raise awareness of consumers on energy consumption in order to influence their buying decisions (such as labelling schemes for household appliances), and energy efficiency requirements imposed to products from the early stage on the design phase with the EuP Directive.

Energy labels and consumption certificates are instruments which the purchaser can use for his purchasing decisions regarding energy efficiency. However, with the increasing number of energy labels (for appliances, buildings, green electricity, IT equipment, and clean vehicles) there is a certain risk of confusion for purchasers and end consumers. Therefore we provide information about energy labels on this website.

Energy label criteria can be used for an environmentally and purposeful purchasing process. With integration of the criteria of energy-labels into purchasing documents, an environmentally friendly procurement can be accomplished.


Six finalists for the Public Procurement of Innovation Award


The shortlist for the Public Procurement of Innovation Award, part of the Procurement of Innovation Platform project, has been narrowed to six finalists. more


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