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The project Buy Smart+ was completed in September 2014. For up-to-date information please visit the website of the new project Green ProcA.Green Public Procurement in Action.


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Here you can find procurement tools for following products:

  • Building Components
  • Green Electricity
  • Household Appliances
  • Lighting
  • Office Equipment
  • Vehicles

Download the informative flyer "Buy Smart+ The Helpdesk for Purchasers" in English language to receive basic information on the project and green procurement or request a copy in your own language from your local project contact point.   

The materials are available for each product group separately. Please choose the product group on the left side.


The guidelines "Procurement and Climate Protection" are meant for public and private procurement bodies and offer support in taking in ecological aspects in buying decisions.

As a general introduction to green procurement we recommend the “Buying Green! Handbook” of the European Commission:


We recommend using the criteria of the GPP toolkit developed by the European Commission which can be readily introduced in tender documents:

Criteria have been developed for products falling within the following product/service groups:

1.    Copying and graphic paper
2.    Cleaning products and services
3.    Office IT equipment
4.    Construction
5.    Transport
6.    Furniture
7.    Electricity
8.    Food and Catering services
9.    Textiles
10.   Gardening products and services
11.   Thermal insulation
12.   Hard floor-coverings
13.   Wall Panels
14.   Combine Heat and Power (CHP)
15.   Road construction and traffic signs
16.   Street lighting and traffic signals
17.   Mobile phones
18.   Indoor lighting
19.   Waste Water Infrastructure
20.   Sanitary Tapware 

Calculation Tools

The calculation tools support the purchaser in calculating life cycle costs and evaluating the most economical offer under consideration of energy relevant criteria. They are provided as excel documents and can be adapted to individual needs.
This is the general calculation tool to be used for electricity using products:

Download calculation tool for life cycle costs

Specific calculation tools are available under the product groups on the left side.

Training Modules

The training modules offer a short overview over the different product groups and help to carry out trainings. They are provided as pdf documents.

Purchasing Policies

By implementing the provided energy efficiency criteria into the purchasing policies of an institution a long lasting effect of energy efficient procurement can be achieved. These purchasing policies include minimum standards for the procurement of office equipment, household appliances, lighting, vehicles as well as green electricity. The regulations can easily be integrated into already existing purchasing policies. An alternative with even higher environmental standards is also provided. The criteria used refer to environmental labels which are revaluated regularly. A word version of the document is available, thus you can modify it individually.

Download Purchasing Policies

Procurement standards in Europe

Please find here a short overview of procurement standards in the participating countries. The standards can be found as pdf and text versions in English language. The text versions in national languages can be found on the national sub-sites.

Bulgaria (text)
Croatia (text)
Cyprus (text)
Czech Republic
Czech Republic (text)
Europe (text)
France (text)
Germany (text)
Greece (text)
Hungary (text)
Italy, ENEA and Italy, Consip
Italy (text)
Latvia (text)
Lithuania (text)
Romania (text)
Slovenia (text)
Upper Austria
Upper Austria (text)


Six finalists for the Public Procurement of Innovation Award


The shortlist for the Public Procurement of Innovation Award, part of the Procurement of Innovation Platform project, has been narrowed to six finalists. more


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