Green Procurement Guidelines

Sustainable procurement policies by public and private organisations are becoming a priority. The European Union has adopted policies to reduce the environmental impact caused by public sector consumption and to use green procurement as a powerful tool for sustainable development that can bring about positive changes in production and consumption.

Green procurement guidelines are addressed to the employees responsible for procurement of products (equipment and consumables) and developed in a way that meets the operational needs of the organisation. They usually contain step by step instructions for green procurement, all the green criteria and relevant labels needed for the procurement of green products as well as successful examples of green procurement. The adoption of green procurement guidelines

- helps the market to develop products which will meet the criteria that the organisation intents to use in its procurement process

- promotes environmentally friendly products throughout the supply chain

- saves materials, energy, money and protects the environment

- demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint and improves your public image

- shows that you comply with the relevant regulations and directives

- helps you to communicate effectively your green strategy to your employees

- facilitates the task of developing technical specifications in the tendering and contracting process of procurement

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