The recommendations and valuations for the "clean vehicle fleet" consider the following aspects in procuring and using vehicles:

  • Climate protection by low greenhouse gas emissions
  • Little consumption of non-renewable resources
  • Prevention of local air pollutant emissions
  • Reduction of noise exposure
  • Contribution to the diversification of fuel supply

About 9 % of the passenger cars in Germany are company vehicles, or vehicles of public authorities. Thus, the procurers are not only making the "clean" choice for the vehicle's application in their company, but their choice of vehicle also affects the used vehicle sector. The figure proves that, with their choice, procurers of fleets can give the market a significant positive stimulus if they decide on the environmental friendly alternative. Financially, they often have an advantage over the private customer due to the lower specific costs in procurement of a larger number of vehicles.

The procurement of a "clean vehicle fleet" is a decision for:

  • Protection of environment and climate
  • Less dependency on fuel prices
  • Protection against driving restrictions in inner-city air pollution control areas
  • A possible step towards setting up an environment-friendly company image
  • Economic efficiency


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