Green procurement step by step

Green public procurement is a systematic process that should be done step by step.

Step 1: Achieve political and management support
Develop a green procurement policy for your institution or company. Have it approved by your municipal council or company senior management. Choose a green title to communicate the policy to your staff and the outside world.

Step 2: Assess your actual needs
Decide on the products or services you really need to purchase. Describe your needs in a functional manner so as not to exclude alternatives.

Step 3: Define the subject matter
The subject matter of a contract relates to what product, service or work you want to procure. Purchasers are free to define an environmentally friendly product or performance-based product definition.

Step 4: Define technical specifications
Technical specifications describe the contract to the market and constitute minimum compliance criteria. Apply environmental criteria to save resources and energy as well as to reduce waste and pollution. Criteria can be taken from the GPP toolkit ( or from the EU energy label or other environmental labels like the ecolabel.

Step 5: Define award criteria
Determine award criteria, e.g. better eco-efficiency and their weighting when evaluating the tenders. The award criteria must relate to the subject matter of the contract. Describe how you will calculate the life cycle cost and how it will be weighted.

Step 6: Set contract performance clauses
Use contract performance clauses as a way of setting further relevant energy efficiency/environmental conditions for the green contract.

Step 7: Award the contract
From all offers fulfilling the technical specifications, the contract will be awarded to the “the economically most advantageous tender” based on the results from the Buy Smart+ life cycle cost calculation tool and degree of compliance with award criteria.


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