Joint Procurement

There are different approaches to use a common public procurement scheme in the European countries. At a first glance the perfect model seems to be a procedure in which the partners are tendering as equal legal partners (full joint green public procurement (FJGPP)). In practise, it can mean that all tendering steps are organised together or there is a common organisation in charge. The number of units of products and services are fixed by adding the demand of the partners involved. Due to the different legal framework conditions of each partner, this model cannot be applied in different countries. Other obstacles have to be taken into consideration, such as partnership conditions, different timeframes of product demand, complicated procedures and organisational matters, etc. FJGPP will be the solution in a only a few, selected cases.

A simpler model is based on different roles of the partners: One partner organises the tender individually but all of the conditions can be applied to the other partners (piggy backing joint green public procurement (PBJGPP)). Often the companies delivering goods and services agree to such a deal without knowing its exact effect on the other partners. The model can be simply applied if all partners are making their purchases under simplified modalities in their national procurement acts.

In addition, it should be mentioned that in a future simplification there could be a model based only on an information exchange of tender conditions by using platforms. In that case, partners share common knowledge but all partners make contacts with companies individually. 



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