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The project Buy Smart+ was completed in September 2014. For up-to-date information please visit the website of the new project Green ProcA.Green Public Procurement in Action.


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THALEA PCP launches platform for combined bids following market consultation

The THALEA consortium has launched a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) for the development of a telemedicine platform to detect intensive care unit (ICU) patients at increased risk.

Telemedicine allows health care to be provided at a distance through the use of information technologies. It is hoped that this will improve the care of critically ill patients in regional and national ICU telemedicine centers. An essential part of preparing the PCP was a market consultation, in the form of an online questionnaire sent to companies across the EU.

The consortium used the market consultation as a scoping exercise to gain insight into the current market and future developments of telemonitoring and telemedicine systems. Contributors were invited to give feedback on what technologies were appropriate for the THALEA system, what they saw as the biggest technical challenges and what further information was needed to make the scope of the challenge clearer.

A key outcome of the consultation was the suggestion that interested participants might want to join their different areas of expertise and launch combined bids. This has led to the creation of a dedicated section on the THALEA webpage where companies can express interest in finding suitable partners for submitting a tender.

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Six finalists for the Public Procurement of Innovation Award


The shortlist for the Public Procurement of Innovation Award, part of the Procurement of Innovation Platform project, has been narrowed to six finalists. more


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