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The project Buy Smart+ was completed in September 2014. For up-to-date information please visit the website of the new project Green ProcA.Green Public Procurement in Action.


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Training Materials

Buy Smart+ promotes green procurement by providing free consultation for public authorities and private companies. Here you can find training materials for green procurement.

Introduction (Download PDF for training)

The Introduction provides an overview on the green procurement. Here you will get information about the advantages of green procurement,  the legal requirements and instruments for implementation such as the calculation of life cycle costs.

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Vehicles (Download PDF for training)

The procurement of a "clean vehicle fleet" is a decision for protection of environment and climate, less dependency on fuel prices, protection against driving restrictions in inner-city air pollution control areas, possible step towards setting up an environment-friendly company image and economic savings.

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Household appliances (Download PDF for training)

During the green procurement of household appliances for offices, schools etc., a contribution to the preservation of resources and a reducing of the operating cost could be achieved by taking into consideration energy efficiency and environmental criteria. Additional criteria may be also considered in order to prevent the impact of the manufacturing process and the use phase on the environment. 

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Lighting (Download PDF for training)

Lighting has a substantial impact on the environment, accounting for up to 40 % of electricity used in non-residential buildings. Major energy savings can be achieved. Examples from the field have shown that between 30 % and 50 % of electricity used for lighting could be saved investing in energy-efficient lighting systems

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Office IT (Download PDF for training)

The energy consumption for Information Technology (IT) increased relevantly in the last years. A further rising of about 40 % within the next 10 years is predicted. Thus, office equipment becomes one of the most relevant energy consuming sectors in office buildings – and ranges commonly between 20 % and 40 %. On the other hand savings about 40 up to 50 % are economical feasible and will reduce the energy costs about 200 € per workplace within the 5-year lifetime of the equipment . Alone in Germany three percent of the total power consumption is accounted for office equipment, information technology (IT) and communication systems.

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Buildings and components (Download PDF for training)

The buildings sector is – with around 40% of the final energy consumption – one of the largest energy consumers in the European Union. The main fields of energy consumption here are heating, cooling, hot water supply, ventilation, and electricity. In addition to reduction of the energy demand of existing buildings, new building design strategies must show the way towards significant decreases in building energy demand. The structure of energy consumption varies depending on the building type. For example, office buildings usually can have higher electricity consumption but lower heat demand than residential buildings.

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Joint procurement (Download PDF for training)

There are different approaches to use a common public procurement scheme. Different models, its benefits, barriers and important steps to realize them are described.

Competitive dialogue (Download PDF for training)

Competitive dialogue is thus suitable for purchasing innovative market concepts as it allows procurers to define their needs and finding adequate solutions with the help of expert knowledge provided by interested economic entities.


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